Look what you can do after taking a class.....

I have had several of my students ask for help in setting up a glass studio of their own.  After taking a beginning class they knew they wanted to continue to do glass just as I did.  I am always willing to take my students on a field trip to  my glass vendor and help them choose the necessary equipment to set up their own studio. 

Connie and her transom windows

Connie and her husband are building a beautiful home on Lake Huron tucked away in a beautiful wooded setting.  Their home has over 30 transom windows and Connie is doing stained glass panels for every one of them.  Here are three of the windows to give you an idea of what you can do with just a little help.  And...check out the view of Lake Huron - that view and stained glass windows..it doesn't get any better! 



Denise and her cupboard doors

Denise took a beginning foil class and then took a field trip with me.  She bought her supplies and then taught herself the lead came method.  She was refurbishing her kitchen and could picture her kitchen cupboards with glass doors.  Her husband carefully removed the wood inset panel and then they designed and built new glass inserts.  Her kitchen is done and is absolutely beautiful.  Her next project is the cupboards in her bar cabinet - she already has the glass and the vision....it's just a matter of time.