Glass in Mosaic application

There are endless options to create with glass.  For this commissioned job I was given a round metal outdoor table frame with a request to build a top using glass.   My first choice was plexiglass so light would reflect through the table to show off the glass.  I wasn't able to find a thick enough piece that I felt would support the weight of the glass while fitting on the 1/2 inch metal rim of the table frame.   After researching several options I ended up using Greenboard for my base.

 I opted to paint the board white so my translucent glass would still show true colors and patterns.  After cutting the board to fit the table and painting it I began to build the design.  I was asked to make this a summer up north cottage scene with a lake, a bird, a flag, a sailboat and trees.  I drew a pattern to get the general idea of my project. In this application I am using glass in a mosaic form.  Mosaic usually brings to mind hundreds of small pieces of glass used to create an image.  I wanted to use larger pieces of glass to give this a different look.   I did not attempt to transfer the pattern on the board to make an exact replica.  Instead, I used the pattern as a beginning point but built each section individually on the board.  I built the requested items first to make sure they all were placed and sized to generally match the pattern.  Then I filled in the remaining areas which included the grass, lake and sky.  

I glued the glass with clear Liquid Nails.  In applying the glue to the glass, I used a paint brush and 'dappled' it on the glass.  The glue ended up giving the clear glass a dimension of depth which enhanced the overall look.  After all the glass was glued I applied grout - similar to a typical mosaic application.  

  The table frame      The pattern           Base painted     House, walkway, flag

  boat at dock        pine trees         tree, bird, grass    most of grass done

   sailboat, water started     all glass glued down      to be added on-flower, dogs


                            THE FINISHED TABLE TOP