'Fritography' - using ground glass to create pictures

Fritography is created using ground glass to create a picture.  Various grades of ground glass from powder to coarse are used to create texture and depth.  The ground glass is layered requiring multiple fusings.  Ground glass is applied to a base layer which is two pieces of glass fully fused together.  The ground glass is manipulated on the 'canvas' with paint brushes, foam brushes, Q-tips, syringes and anything else I can find to arrange the ground glass where I want it to go.  I have to determine the base level of ground glass and then do the first tack fusing.  Then I build from there to add more color, different dimensions and details.  

I many cases I grind my own glass using a crusher and multiple screens with continually smaller holes to sift the frit.  

I only use my own original photography as inspiration for my Fritography.