Beginning Lead Came and Beginning Copper Foil

Students will learn the entire process from start to finish and take home a completed panel.  

The project shown uses 4 bevels and 8 pieces of colored glass.  Students can choose from a large variety of colors to customize their project.  


With the Copper Foil method, students will learn how to cut and grind glass.  They learn how to apply copper foil and layout their piece to prepare for soldering.  They solder, clean and polish their piece.  If desired they can apply patina to the solder to create a copper or gun metal look.  They complete the piece by framing and adding a chain for hanging.  

In the beginning Lead Came class, students learn how to stretch and cut lead came.  They learn how to build their panel inserting lead came within the panel along with their cut glass.  After soldering they learn how to apply the cement and whiting to lock the glass within the h channel lead. 

The panel includes 4 bevels and 8 pieces of colored glass.  The piece is framed with  U channel zinc and a chain is added for hanging.

Advanced classes are also available.  Students can choose their own pattern or work with a pattern provided by me.  In this class they learn about efficient use of glass, impossible cuts and making impossible cuts with the use of a band saw.

Students can also bring in a broken piece and learn how to disassemble the piece, create patterns to replace broken glass and reassemble the piece.