Turn your child's artwork into a stained glass panel

 I hung a picture my granddaughter made in school in my kitchen and stared at it thinking how perfect it looked on the wall.  Then it occurred to me that I could take her art and preserve it forever in glass.  You can do the same thing with that special piece of art your child or grandchild has made.  

 The image on the right is my granddaughters art work from school.  It is made with construction paper for the black lines and paint for the colors.  The image on the left is her art work in glass.  I tried to make it just like she did - some lines were thinner than others, some were crooked...it is HER work so I reproduced it just as she did it.

 If you have a piece of artwork that you would like to have made into stained glass give me a call or e-mail me the picture and we'll make it work!  My granddaughter was very proud of her work and even more proud that I made it in glass.  She'll remember this forever!  


And for the experienced students -
you can make the piece yourself and REALLY make it a personal project!

 Sandy, a returning stained glass student, took this opportunity to preserve a picture of a pike that her grandson drew.  While I helped with some of the trickier parts she did 90% of the project herself.  We both had so much fun with this one.  We found the perfect glass to use for the fish and the water.  The only thing Sandy did differently from the original artwork was to make the background blue to look like water instead of white.   While you can't see them too well, her grandson drew in some nasty looking teeth.  We had a riot duplicating them.  With Sandy's husband now helping we cut the tips off of several horse shoe nails and laid them in the solder for the mouth.  This not only added a three dimensional look but they made this one mean lookin' pike!  Awesome job Sandy!



This reproduction of a student's art work was given as a Christmas present

Samantha had no idea her art work was being recreated in stained glass.  Her Aunt sent me three of Sam's drawings and we decided that the chameleon was the best one to work with. 

This piece added a new dimension to my stained glass experience.  After choosing the chameleon for the picture to reproduce I realized that the background colors were going to go be very difficult to match.  So I started to think outside the box and decided to find a piece of glass that would best match the main background color and then I would paint the other colors in layers to duplicate the process Sam did when she drew the picture.  Painting on glass was new to me so there were several test pieces done and several paints tested before I felt like I had a good match.

When Sam received this as a Christmas present I was told she was just elated and was so very proud that her Aunt thought so much of her work to have it made in glass.